Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me and the kids

Some things you just don't expect in your life.
Like finding myself in front of a microphone on Radio Disney.
You have to understand, I was a tomboy and a loner and never expected to have children. That didn't stop me from making taffy with the neighbor kids, a 30-something big kid making a mess as we pulled the sticky candy into shape. Or enjoying the company of my nephew, or others along the way.
I just never birthed any kids of my own, and so had a limited understanding of toys, games, children's literature and the management of diapers.
But when one of my students at A&T asked if I would please come talk on the radio about PoetryGSO, I agreed. It was for a good cause .... but it was Radio Disney.
What did I know about children's poetry?
The WCOG studio is in a bland brick office park on Wendover. Open the door, however, and face an assault of giant stuffed bears and Disney characters and Hillary Duff memorabilia. Chanielle and Quinton were set up at a spiffy digital radio broadcast system.
We can edit things out, they assured me, perhaps as insecure as I was about what might come out in the discussion.
But it all went well, or at least it seemed so to me. The enthusiasm I have for writing and for the annual PoetryGSO event took over. We talked about everything from Shel Silverstein to Shakespeare. They had great questions about how to start writing poems (and how to tell when they're done!) and why poetry is important.
The program will air later in April. I just wonder if they play the Mickey Mouse Club song before the guest is introduced?

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