Sunday, May 06, 2007

Get LIT! parties - what a hoot!

Well, I did it.
You probably did it, too.
Hosted one of those parties to sell things to your friends and patient relatives - Avon, Pampered Chef, etc.
And of course you've gone to these parties and bought things you really didn't need ... I have this great pizza stone but I never make pizza.
So check out what Press53 is doing. Here's an excerpt from Sheryl Monks' recent MySpace post about the Get LIT! parties.

"BOOKS! Of course they should be pimped in the living room. Of course I want to call up my friends and tell them about the new short story collection I'm reading, and oh, by the way, I'm having the author over next week for drinks; wanna come? What I wouldn't give for one of my friends to call me up and ask if I wanted to GET LIT! "You betcha'," I'd say.

No messy kitchen to clean up later.

No complicated points system to figure out what you've earned.

No pyramid scheme.

None of that.

As incentive for hosting a GET LIT! Book Party, Press 53 will cut right to the chase. Rather than working for discounted products--excellent as ours are--we are willing to give you a cut of whatever you sell. That's right--cold hard cash. .. And we'll also send one of our talented writers, if at all possible, to your party, so you and your friends can hobknob and get your books signed and all that exciting stuff."

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