Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just finished recovering the scattered chapters of Survivors, my novel of hard times in the early 70s, for ebook publication on Amazon.
I had a file on my computer that purported to be the "complete" mss, but as I went through tweaking and editing, I found several sections mysteriously missing.
One I could account for - a chapter that I had excerpted for a newspaper publication - though why I deleted it rather than copying is beyond me. The other lacunae are just inexplicable.
(Love the word lacuna - so flexible and fraught.)
I had to find old 3.25 "floppy" discs in the closet to locate the missing chapters. Lucky that I still had them. Not so lucky with Neena Gathering, which was written on a Kaypro using 5-inch really floppy discs.
So the entire thing is ready to upload. Maybe later today.

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Susan Woodring said...

Such a feat, first to write the book however long ago, and now, to reassemble it. Congratulations!