Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cleaning Tools

I spent a good part of the day cleaning rust off some valued tools.
This morning, I reviewed early chapters and started writing again on "the marina novel" that has been slowly gestating while I worked on old novels and new poems and on life in general. The narrator's voice came back readily, though I'd been astray in revisions on Blood,Clay and retyping parts of Survivors to put up as an e-book.
Sometimes, if it hasn't set too deeply, rust can be removed.
This afternoon, I used Liquid Wrench and steel wool and Q-tips to clean away corrosion on some of Jack's tools, caused when a violent storm forced water into the cabin of our sailboat. He particularly treasures a small pair of snips that he used while working on RC cars with his son. When he held them up and showed their arthritic action, I know he felt they were beyond saving.
But rust, if it hasn't set too long, can be removed.

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