Saturday, January 09, 2010

Good start to the New Year

Seems like most people I talk with were pleased to see 2009 in the rearview mirror. It was a rough year, nationally, locally, personally.
This fresh New Year has brought better health, more energy, and a renewed commitment to writing. I'm going to become a litmag editor once again, after a long hiatus from Kestrel, but more about that in a few weeks. It's an exciting project.
And I've been sending poems out again while I keep working on the "marina novel." Just this morning received an e-mail from Marianne Worthington that Still: Literature of the Mountain South, will be publishing three of my poems in October. The online journal has Silas House (Clay's Quilt) as the fiction editor, and Jason Howard as nonfiction editor. Check out his blog for the latest on the battle against mountaintop removal.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on the Still acceptance, Val. Great way to start the year!