Monday, November 13, 2006

Dawn Song

You know the soundtrack.
Sure, you can hear it, looking at this photo - that same lilting melody used over and over to announce dawn in the Warner Brothers cartoons. We didn't know then that it was real music - the "Morning Melody" was sister to the dwarf-march of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and all of those tunes were far from looney.
We get up early at the lake. 5 a.m., usually. Early enough to see Orion wheeling to the north, eternally chasing Taurus, eternally trailed by his faithful hounds.
We watch the sun come up over the water, gently as it did this past Saturday morning, or in flame a few weeks ago, or sifting the clouds gray by gray.
Later that same morning, we saw the white deer, picking its way to the water's edge like a harp passage, or maybe an oboe solo for the eerie magic of its presence. Later yet, as we beat harborward from a full day of sailing, a bald eagle flared overhead like a trumpet fanfare.
What a programme!

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Anonymous said...

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