Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blogging and Blackbird on a full moon night

Spent a nice afternoon at Old Salem with folks from Press 53 - Sheryl Monks, Kevin Morgan Watson and Joe Mills. We read, and tasted the cider and Moravian sugar cake, and chatted about all sorts of things - including blogging and why we didn't do it nearly enough.
So tonight I'm catching up a bit. It's been a busy month, with readings to do for Wake Wake Wake and sailboat races to run. Jack and I had our last outing in that series Oct. 29-30 at Smith Mountain Lake, where Jack was the principal race officer for the "Jane at the Lake" event. Winds hit 47 knots at one point on Saturday, cancelling races even for the PHRF class racers involved. We got in three races on Sunday with good but not excessive wind - it was great to watch our new friends the Bennetts in their Olson 30 compete with a field of J-24s, Hunters, Beneteaus, Ericssons and others.
I was pleased to see my poem "Adam and Eve as Fire and Water" appear on Blackbird, the great online journal from Virginia Commonwealth. And it was very exciting to see a previously unknown poem by Sylvia Plath is in that same issue. If you want to visit, here's the link:
So, with the readings and the sailing winding down, it's time to get back to work on the novel-in-progress. I took a break from working on a chapter where Suzan, one of the main characters, takes an unexpected trip to St. Maarten with her lover. There's a cold full moon out tonight - a hunter's moon? - and thinking about the tropics helps keep away the chill.
Kevin and Sheryl - your turn!

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