Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hunter 240 on the way

Well, we did it.
Ran up to Bristol, Tenn., yesterday to pick up a 2002 Ford Explorer. It's forest green and in nice shape (we believe) - not too big as SUVs go, but with a V-8 and a towing package. I was kinda hoping for a Prius, but a Prius won't tow the other part of this equation.
We will be getting that Hunter 240 we saw at American Marine.
The boat (we're thinking about names - High Cotton currently in the lead) needs to have its bottom painted and some instruments installed, as well as a general cleaning and going-over, so it will be a couple of weeks before she's ours. Or we are hers.
My poems were filled with farming images when I nested on a West Virginia hillside, then with suburban images in North Carolina. Time for a sea change, it seems.

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Anonymous said...

Damnit, Val, I live in Abingdon, VA, not more than 20 minutes from Bristol! We could have done lunch or something. Oh well, hopefully, I'll see you soon (Nov in Charlotte...c'mon).

:) Chris