Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Under pressure

Just received our assignments for the big sailing race this weekend at Kerr Lake. Jack and I are newbies at working race committee - he's done it once, I've done it never - and I'll be handling the signal flags! I hope the gods of the semaphores will go easy on me.
This is the Governor's Cup and they are expecting 125 boats or more. It should be a real sight.
This has been a busy week. Kevin tells me the books have shipped, so Wake Wake Wake is now between covers. The official publication date is Sept. 1 but this allows time for reviewers to get advance copies.
I'm digging through old materials from St. Martin to gather information for a chapter in the current novel. This one is coming together in a strange way. I usually work out the grand design and then write straight through, with the unexpected characters, events etc. arising as they do in the writing. This seems to be more of a collage, with journals, writing assignments, and shifting narrators. Going forward on faith and sure not by sight at this point.

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