Monday, June 05, 2006

Mayor's Cup Regatta in the books!

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The Mayor's Cup Regatta is in the books!
It was an experience, running a sailing race when I just learned to sail last August. My experience is minuscule and my knowledge of the sport even less - but when the Lake Townsend Yacht Club asked if I would be the chairperson, I said yes.
Glad I did. It was great fun to meet so many sailors, from across North Carolina and reaching into Virginia. We had great weather - after a tempest Friday night that cancelled the fun sail, we had a brisk wind on Saturday and somewhat less on Sunday, under Carolina blue skies.
The photo is from the first day of racing, as competitors round a mark.
Now that the lake water has warmed and the sailboats are being rented, Jack and I will be out on the lake trying to move out of the pure novice category.
For more information about the LTYC, including Learn to Sail lessons for adults and youth, click on the link at left.
See you at the Marina!

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