Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Cautionary Tale

Long time gone....
busy with the start of classes and family events. (And Jack and I sailed with Steve on his Flying Scot and are being inevitably drawn, like a depowered star cruiser around a black hole, into that passionate band of boat loyalists.)
Browsing the Internet and found an article on the Christian Science Monitor from Aug. 18:
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One of those heroic ideas in a glorious but misguided tradition, it seems to me. Saving the dwindling stocks of African animals by moving the Serengeti to the Great Plains. Herds of revenant Stone Age wildlife thundering across the plains. Lions and cheetahs stalking ...
Lions? Anyone remember the outcry over re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone?
And what about diseases, plants that evolved for the bison but not the eland, introduced aliens that don't match with the local ecosystem? And what about that ecosystem, by the way, which is in sad shape?
"Jurassic Park" was a cautionary tale about mingling ecosystems as well as time streams. Instructive here, perhaps.

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