Saturday, June 11, 2005

Join Us

Well, I'm scrolling through aggregates of military websites, looking for bloggers who might be in or near North Carolina. I'm on the team for ConvergeSouth 2005,, which will be coming to Greensboro in a few weeks, and one session is planned on the Iraq war and bloggers.
The breadth and depth of the blogosphere on this topic is astounding. Some sites are reminiscent of a WWII Army footlocker, with pinup girls and GI cartoons. Some are sober analyses of the situation, others are unabashed rants. Marines and Air Force and Army and Navy. Reserve, Guard, women, wounded, veteran, active, mobilized, returned. Journalists embedded and otherwise, mothers at home and commentators in Europe and children in Iraq. The blogs reflect the many faces of this war.
I hope we'll see some of the faces behind those and other blogs when we gather in October. Take a look at the website or read this article to learn more. North Carolina A&T, where I teach, is focusing on the intersection of journalism and blogs and academia for the Friday sessions. Saturday will be more freewheeling. For someone new to this world (I posted to my first carnival just last week) this is a learning experience that puts me right in the chair beside my students.


Lex said...

Val: You might want to get in touch with "Ginmar," who blogs at

She returned earlier this year from a rotation to Iraq with the Army, and if you go back into her archives, you'll find a lot of stuff from her tour.

Anonymous said...

If you'd like to link to or use my blog, that's fine. :) I'm definitely interested!

Anonymous said...

Please blog about these blogs next October! Sounds like a fascinating experience. Pam P