Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's always something ....

I was reading one of the assorted writing newsletters I get online and came across the latest in outsourcing: according to a post on, writers bidding for assignments on a freelance site (apparently a la Priceline) may be driving down the pay rate - and "A lot of the bidders are in India and will work for much less pay. Granted, it's up to the client to decide who will do the work, but sometimes there are very qualified people who can afford to charge a lot less. "
Travel writing is an incredibly competitive field already, with many part-timers like myself along with the dedicated pros. While most of the industry is based in North America and Europe, many of the articles concern places elsewhere. So international competition is the name of the game here as in other businesses.

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Billy Jones said...

What bothers me is the fact that some who have never been to a place are often paid to write about that place.